Stonegate HISTORY

If you love places with a story, Stonegate’s heritage is layered with tales over a century old…
Old Stonegate Farms was built in 1867 by a Grand Rapids banker. The house was known as a “Halfway House”—an anticipated landmark where tired travelers would slake their thirst and exhausted horses could have a moment’s rest in the shade of centennial maples. Stonegate took three summers and two winters to build.

Through the years, Stonegate has flourished with many purposes—first a fruit farm and later, during the Depression, a dairy farm. In 1984, the house was used by innkeepers as a bed-and-breakfast.

Today, Stonegate continues to radiate its welcoming charm and hospitality. The Victorian-style house still contains much of the original woodwork, historic details, and 11+ foot ceilings.

Stonegate Barn

Includes space for 270+ guests, handicap accessible bathrooms, with gorgeous chandeliers throughout

Stonegate Farmhouse

Includes bridal suite, salon studio, bridesmaids room, groomsmen room, and playroom

Stonegate Grounds

Includes barn, carriage house, farmhouse, fountain, patios, and trees 75+ years

Stonegate Today

We are a family-owned business that is dedicated to making your dream event come true

We have everything you need to throw an amazing event.  Your friends and families can come mingle in the grass while playing with our yard games. When dinner is served, they can venture into the rustic barn and enjoy the soft, elegant lighting provided by the chandeliers. After dinner, while the night is still young, the dance floor is the perfect way to have some fun. As the evening is winding down, your guests can enjoy one last s’more over the fire pit.

Photo Credit: Avery Phillips

Photo Credit: Riversedge Photography

Photo Credit: West Mitten Photography

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